Tight Hip Flexors, Really? Stretches, Why? Are they weak?

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Hip Flexor Exercises. Great for Speed! a.k.a. Thigh Flexors

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Resistance Band Workout Tips

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What is an isometric exercise? Isometric Exercises Definition

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Drive Phase of Sprinting: aka Power or Push phase. Muscles & Motion.

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Increase stride length and turnover rate. Hip Flexor Muscles

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How To Run A Faster 40 Yard Dash Challenge

  NFL Cornerback for the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints, Mark Parson, found so much quick and instant success with the Run Faster program, that he has teamed up with AthleticQuickness.com to offer kids of all ages, including his professional buddies, to take the 14 day speed training challenge. Mark’s personal best in the […]

Tennis Speed Training: Serve Faster, Return Harder and Move Quicker With Isometric Training

The latest version of the Tennis Speed Training program has been released. It has been updated to include 20 exercises that will add power and speed to the Serve, Forehand and the Backhand. Plus it has exercises to develop more speed and quickness getting to the ball and approaching the net. All of the exercises […]

Speed training: weights vs. resistance bands

Do the Math. This article, Speed Training with Weights vs. Resistance Bands, will help you understand why isometrics with the resistance band will condition your muscles for speed in ways that are just not possible by using weights and other forms of static resistance. The difference is that during an isometric contraction with resistance bands, […]

New version of Run Faster Program released.

We released an new version of the Run Faster Speed Training Program. The first thing you will notice is the new cover. Inside we have added 5 additional exercises for a total of 10. Two of these new exercises target the hip flexor muscles and the quadriceps. 1 additonal exercise for the hip extensors and […]

Reviews of the AthleticQuickness.com programs

Those who have used an AthleticQuickness.com speed training program will sometimes tell us about their experience and the results they have seen. They offer their statements without us asking them for it, and they often give us permission to share their story. Those who have participated in the speed training challenge are encouraged to record […]

Can I develop a faster golf swing speed with your program?

I was asked the following question recently – and it is followed by my response: “I have worked very hard to increase my golf swing speed.  I do both strength and endurance training, including bench press, reps on the bench, squats and explosion exercises.  Is it feasible for me to actually think that I can develop […]