Basketball Speed Training Exercises to Jump Higher and Run Faster

 How to condition your muscles so they are faster Рto propel you off the court floor like a sling shot.

There are many factors that go into a winning basketball player. But when it comes time for physical conditioning, the two things that standout are how to jump higher and being fast and quick.

When it comes time to increase your vertical jump and to run faster it is vital to include pure muscle speed training along with your strength training and plyometrics training.

A basketball player who can jump higher will grap more rebounds, block more shots, be stronger on defense, shoot over his opponent, and of course show off his dunking abilities.

And a player who is fast will be able to play better defense, get to more lose balls, get down the court quicker, evade his defender, and run the fast break.

A jumping program or a vertical leap exercise program that conditions your muscle fibers only for speed will give your muscles that quick, responsive and light feeling – not the heavy, sluggish feeling you get after weight training or plyometrics training.

Leaping high off the ground with great hang time means having muscles that feel light and responsive – and this can not be achieved with traditional strength strengthing.

You will need to include pure muscle speed training exercises, the way we teach it, to maximize your leaping and jumping ability.

Many athletes are frustrated with their attempts to increase their vertical leap, they complain that they were not born with good jumping muscles. But the fact is most athletes have not been taught how to condition their muscles for speed of contraction – and by targeting the correct muscles and the correct muscle fiber types for speed, almost any player can increase their vertical leap by seveal inches – even if they already have great leaping ability.

Remember it’s muscle contraction speed, not muscle strength, that propels you off the court floor like a sling shot.

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